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I help smart people ditch heartache and enjoy incredibly happy love lives

“That’s great, Kels…but how did you get into this line of work?

An interesting path, no doubt. I have 12+ years of experience as an award-winning graphic designer and marketing professional. Two degrees: visual communication and business administration. The last five years my focus has been online marketing and specifically, social media. I began working as a social media consultant before Facebook was even open to non-college students and joined LinkedIn wayyy back in 2004.

I have administered and created dozens and dozens of Facebook pages in the last few years, including some national and global brands. I’ve published two training guides about Facebook for small business.

It was actually through working as a consultant I ended up in my new career…

Jacqueline Nichols, founder of Intuitive Matchmaking, hired me to do some work on her Facebook page. We developed a rapport and a year later, I joined her agency as a matchmaker and began training in this field under her expert guidance. I am now branching out on my own offering dating coaching and other products/services.

I am on a mission to see more people enjoy juicy relationships!

Interpersonal relationships have always been a huge focus of interest for me. I’ve learned so much through my own personal process of healing from my past and not-so-awesome choices (read the full story). I believe it’s possible to enjoy great love! First, by being in integrity with yourself; then, by being in integrity with others.

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