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Ask Coach KFos: Mother’s Day Recommendations

by Kelsey on May 9, 2013

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Ask Coach KFos: How do you handle holidays like Mother’s Day?

“I’ve recently started talking to a woman and I like her quite a bit. We haven’t gone out on our first date yet (scheduled for next week). Mother’s Day is this Sunday and I’m wondering how I should handle it. Do I acknowledge it? Do I send her a card/flowers? What should I do?”

Dear Holiday-Aware:

Wow, kudos to you for being this thoughtful! Being aware of an impending holiday that is important to your love interest is very proactive and perceptive. Good job!

Because you have yet to actually date her, which means it is safe to assume you have not met her kiddos, I think anything above a verbal acknowledgement could come across as too much. You don’t want a sweet gesture be perceived as creepy-ville. So in your case, I recommend a text on the day of wishing her a Happy Mother’s Day. If you talk prior to the day, maybe ask if she has plans and wish her a nice day with her kids. Nothing more than that at this stage.

For any readers out there who are further along in dating, I would say do the same and possibly add in a small bouquet (tulips, gerbera daisies…NOT roses) or a nice card. Use your best judgment based on how serious you are with her.

If you are in a full-blown monogamous relationship, then it is appropriate to not only give her a nice bouquet of flowers (again, not roses…unless she’s the mother of your children) and possibly add in a gift of a spa treatment or take her to a celebratory meal. Let her decide the day; suggesting something on Mother’s Day might be too hectic depending on her plans with the kids. But then again, if she only has her kids early in the day, she might enjoy a dinner out that night.

Bottom line, you can never go wrong by acknowledging important days for the woman you are dating or interested in. Just match your approach with how serious the relationship is in its current state.

And Happy Mother’s Day to all you mamas out there!

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