Ask Coach KFos: Am I Ready to Date Again?

by Kelsey on March 1, 2013

Today’s question: When to start dating after a breakup

dating after a breakup

It’s Ask Coach KFos time! Here is today’s Q&A:

“I am not sure if I’m ready to date. I had a bad break-up and got my heart stomped on pretty bad. It’s been several months, though, so I feel like I should be starting to date again. I am starting to notice attractive guys again, which a few months ago, wasn’t the case. Do you think I should put myself back on the market?”

Dear Am I Ready:

That is great news that you are asking the question and starting to think about dating again after a bad breakup. That is definitely a sign of progress! However, the fact that you are unsure is also a sign that it might not be time *quite* yet.

Dating requires a good amount of resilience. When you feel like you can handle some of the ups and downs and mini-rejections that go along with actively dating without crumbling emotionally, then that is the best sign you are ready. And after thinking about that, it’s okay if you decide you aren’t at that point yet. You can dip a pinky-toe back in the dating pool by beginning to identify yourself as single-and-dating. Just getting comfortable with that label is a great first step!

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