Online Dating Profile Writing

Did you know that nearly every profile on sites like and sound exactly alike? Boring, dull, poorly written…in one word: INEFFECTIVE. Did you also know that I have worked with one of the leading industry experts and received inside information on how to make your profile stand out from the crowd? Because I have!

If you are tired of not attracting the right person online, my team and I can help! My online dating profile writing service is what you need!

What you get:
:: A 30 minute consult with me in person (Seattle-area only), by phone, or Skype
:: Professionally written profile by me (or one of my professional writers), showcasing you as the awesome catch you are!
:: Photo selection and professional cropping and enhancements (lighting adjustments, etc. NOT drastic altering)
:: Profile sent to you in digital format within three business days

I offer this service at a price of $99

Improve Your Love-itude


Available on!

Add more juiciness and joy to your love life! If you are frustrated in love, want to deepen your connection to your partner, or desire to be fully open to attracting someone great…this is the book for you.

In this book, I take you through 30 mental exercises that clear negativity from past heartbreak, open your eyes to how you may be holding yourself back, and help you forge ahead to enjoy amazing love in your life.

You deserve great love. Stop hiding yourself away from it!

Coming soon!

healing a broken heart

My new book, Adios Heartbreak: A Kick-Butt Guide to Reclaiming Your Heart, is coming soon. You can PRE-ORDER the program now.
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