Recap of Ready for Love Premiere

Ready for Love Episode 1 Recap

by Kelsey on April 11, 2013

I’ve been eagerly awaiting the new show Ready for Love (@readyforlove) for weeks now! The promos promised a new kind of dating show and I think they delivered. I decided to live tweet during each episode (follow me at @clickkelsey) and write a recap on my blog.

Ready for Love

The show opens on what looks a lot like a game show set…like it reminded me of Deal or No Deal. I waited the entire time for someone to take a tumble down those stairs! The entire first episode featured just one bachelor, Tim Lopez. He is the super cute member of Plain White T’s. He comes across as a very down-to-earth guy who can count the number of women he’s been with on his fingers. Impressive for a handsome man, super-impressive (believable?) for a rock star. But I’ll take his word for it.

There are three matchmakers on the show. Amber Kelleher-Andrews of Kelleher International, Matt Hussey of Get the Guy, and Tracy McMillan author of Why You’re Not Married…Yet. My favorite matchmaker out of the gates is Tracy. She rose to fame via an article on HuffPo. I remember reading the article when it was first published. I like her straight-forward style. Although by the end of the episode, Matt had really grown on me. I appreciated some of his advice the most.

Each matchmaker has pre-screened and chosen four women to meet Tim.

After we meet Tim and the matchmakers, we get to meet the 12 ladies. They are brought up in pod-like elevators in groups of four by matchmaker. They are hidden from Tim’s view a la The Dating Game so he can hear them but can’t make his choices based on looks.

The first group was Amber’s selections: Hailey, Sara, Lisa, and Siham. Sara had a story to tell about losing love (her fiance passed away from cancer). While she seemed almost too understated in her delivery, Tim chose her. Hailey was an immediate favorite with her funny personality, Tim chose her, too. Then it was down to Siham and Lisa. Lisa sang him an opera song, which, while she has a lovely voice, was a little cringe-worthy. Siham from France totally played up her sexy side. And while I thought that might turn off wholesome Tim, he chose her over Lisa.

The second group of ladies were selected by Matt. This group included Taonaya, Danielle, Alexis, and Leah. Taonaya was sweet and beautiful and a little unremarkable. Danielle was cute and very cheerleader-y with her megawatt grin and peppy answers. The big surprise was Leah who has actually known Tim for six years and came on the show to profess her secret feelings for him. Alexis came off like a bored valley girl and even though she threw in a freestyle rap, it wasn’t enough to get Tim to choose her and she was eliminated, keeping the other three.

The last group was Tracy’s and included Sarah, Christina, Jenna, and Lana. Sarah popped a bottle of bubbly and shared a toast with Tim. She came across very sweet and he chose her. Christina is GORGEOUS. She’s from New Orleans and is a musician. So glad Tim chose her as she’s my early favorite. Jenna is a Texas girl and a recent college graduate. While Tracy claimed she is “wise beyond her years” she seemed pretty young to me. Next was Lana, another girl with a country accent. But rather than endearing, she seemed a bit like a bumpkin. Pretty sure it was an easy choice for him to pick Jenna over her.

We see the nine women move into their house which is filled with Plain White T’s memorabilia. Everyone seems to be getting along great and I was surprised (but a little relieved) to not see girls being catty or immediately downing shots of liquor. The promos hint at some upcoming drama though because what good is a reality dating show without some fights and tears? 😉

Time for the first group date. Before the date, the matchmakers give their girls some last minute advice. Amber talks about “being your own brand” and tells Hailey to “act more sexy”. Tracy tells her group to be playful and have fun. Matt gives the best advice saying “attraction is built on emotion not logic.” Totes agree with that!

Tim tells the women they are going to meet his family…my jaw hit the floor! But we quickly find out he means his band mates. He hops on stage and they launch into some tunes. The ladies launch into the most awkward dance-off I’ve seen. Holy lack of enthusiasm! I couldn’t help but notice that few knew the lyrics to the songs. Leah did though. I wonder if Tim noticed that?

After the mini-concert, they go to a cabin of sorts and find out they are going to write lyrics to an unfinished song of Tim’s. They break into groups to write and then take turns singing with Tim. It was all pretty cute. I figured there was opportunity for humor or goofiness but everyone behaved like perfect ladies. After the singing, Leah heeds matchmaker Matt’s advice and grabs Tim for a quick conversation alone. She tells him how she’s felt about him and he says he appreciates her bold gesture. Unfortunately for Leah, the microphones are still on and the other girls can hear the whole convo. Oops. When they rejoin the group, the tension was visible.

Apparently the matchmakers are watching the dates on secret camera because they phone Tim and tell him who they’d like him to have one-on-one time with. The three ladies chosen are Hailey, Danielle, and Christina.

  • Poor Hailey. Her nerves got the best of her and she began crying and talking about farting. Tim seems to have taken it in stride, however. I’m hoping she gets herself pulled together in future talks with Tim.
  • Danielle told Tim about her list of 50 things she wants in a guy. Hooray, Tim, you already meet 25 of Danielle’s requirements! But Oh. Emm. Gee. STOPPIT with the lists already! I feel like a *should* like this girl but she just seems so “on” and like she’s at a job interview. Tone down the pep, toots.
  • Christina treated Tim to some piano playing. With major eye contact and a cute move leaning her head on his shoulder, the chemistry between them was smokin’. I think she is definitely the front-runner!

Now we go back to the game show stage where the matchmakers talk to the ladies and tell them how they did. Hailey is raked over the coals for the whole crying/farting fiasco. Although she did get points for the cute banter she had with Tim. Matt lays into Danielle about her list saying it tells a guy he’s starting off “in debt” and has to live up to her expectations. I agree with Matt, I’m all for making lists…just don’t talk about them on a date!

Then my girl Giuliana puts Leah in the hot seat, asking what we ALL are wondering, have she and Tim been intimate? Wowza. I loved that she was so direct! And I also liked Leah’s response saying that it was personal. Hmmm…

The matchmakers then each chose one girl from their groups to be in the bottom three. The three chosen were Hailey, Leah, and Sarah. I was a little surprised that they didn’t pick on some of the girls who did nothing on the dates and were completely invisible (Jenna, Taonaya, Siham?) although I liked Matt’s reason for choosing Leah. He said because of their existing connection, that putting her up for possible elimination would answer whether Tim wanted a romantic future.

The girls go down to “the garden” in their little pod-elevators with Tim. He then gets to save one of them. He chooses to save Hailey. It’s down to Sarah or Leah. After a bunch of hemming and hawing, Tim says goodbye to Leah.

I felt bad for the girl but I have to say, I think it was the right thing to do. If he knew he didn’t see the spark of romance with her, best to cut her free now and not lead her on.

Tune in next Tuesday at 9pm for Episode 2! Follow me on Twitter at @clickkelsey to tweet with me live during the show!

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