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Ready for Love Episode 2 Recap

by Kelsey on April 18, 2013

I’m loving the new show Ready for Love (@readyforlove) so far! The promos promised a new kind of dating show and I think they delivered. I decided to live tweet during each episode (follow me at @clickkelsey) and write a recap on my blog. Catch up on the premiere episode if you missed it.

Ready for Love

We are back on the game show set…luckily still no tumble down all those stairs! Tonight we are meeting two bachelors, Ernesto Arguello and Ben Patton.

Ernesto is up first. He is a philanthropist from Miami. At 33, he claims he’s yet to fall in love. Ever. He is very tight with his family and started a business with his brother in Latin America building homes for less fortunate people.

Again, each matchmaker has chosen four ladies to meet Ernesto. They come up the pods in groups by matchmaker and Ernesto sends one lady in each grouping home. First up are Amber’s choices who include two beauty queens. Alba was a former Miss Puerto Rico and Shandi a former Miss USA. No surprise, Ernesto keeps both of them. Erica and Elizabeth are introduced and unfortunately for them, they come off a little yawn-worthy after the pageant girls. Erica is selected and Elizabeth is sent away.

Matt’s group is next where we meet HR manager Sonia, art teacher Kristen, the bubbly Mandy, and Summer. Summer makes a splash by drunkenly (?) singing the chorus from Will Smith’s “Summertime”. No surprise, Summer is sent packing.

Last up are Tracy’s picks. We meet Olivia who stumbles through a planned speech about there only being “one love” for a person. Huh? But Ernesto keeps her. Then there is Victoria who talks about being uber-competitive and wanting to play sports and be his “MVP”. Okay. He keeps her, too. Then it’s down to workaholic Katie and theme park character Lisa Marie. No really, the girl works at a theme park. She was cute with a little analogy of not wanting to kiss any more frogs, complete with a real-live frog. For some reason, Ernesto said goodbye to her and kept Katie.

We see the girls move into their shared house. Nothing too exciting until Olivia whips out her claws and goes after Shandi. Olivia was rambling about not knowing what she wanted in a relationship and Shandi, wisely, pointed out that without knowing what she wants, she’s making dating a lot more difficult. Olivia kind of wigs out and points out that Shandi is single just like her so she clearly knows nothing. Whoa, girl.

Before the date, the matchmakers show up to give advice. Amber talks about branding again and Tracy sticks with the similar “be in the moment” and have fun spiel. Matt has an interesting sound bite with telling his ladies that a man wants to “feel like a man” so if he offers you his coat, take it. I’m sure there was more to what he was saying and I wished we got to hear all of it.

The women are loaded up into a van and taken to their first date. Ernesto has them start off with construction on a Habitat for Humanity house.  The girls dive into the task and seem cheerful and quite competent at the different projects. We see Olivia go after Shandi again getting a big ol’ attitude with the table saw and cutting boards. This girl was clearly cast to bring the dramz and she is!

Ernesto gets a phone call and the matchmakers tell him who they’d like him to have one-on-one time with for the second part of the date. They choose Shandi, Mandy, and Victoria. The second part of the date takes place at a spa. The girls are in robes and they enter a room with a hot tub. Victoria refuses to take off her robe and get in the pool. In her interview, she says she’s uncomfortable and is mad she’s on a date with other women. So she sits to the side, pouting in her robe, and not participating. Shandi and Mandy don’t let that distract them and they get into the tub with Ernesto and enjoy some glasses of champagne.

One by one, they leave to go into a separate room with him for alone time. Shandi and Mandy are each charming and playful. They each seem very comfortable with dating and being on camera. But omg, Victoria just blows it. She is sullen and withdrawn and when Ernesto tries to draw her out, she goes into a diatribe of negativity about the whole show. Jaw hit the floor. Clearly this girl was not a good choice to join the cast.

Dates are over and we come back to the game show stage. The women are “coached” by the matchmakers. I was a little surprised they didn’t give Olivia more of a bad time. At least Matt was direct and told her to knock it off. Shandi handled it so graciously and didn’t throw her under the bus. Cutting to the chase here, the bottom three were Victoria, Erica, and Kristen. Ernesto can save one – he saves Kristen. So Victoria and Erica swoosh down to the garden in their pods with Ernesto. Erica shocks me by dissing Victoria in her speech of why she should be saved…um, clearly she missed the memo about V’s horrible date. Shush, girl, you are safe don’t blow it! With little surprise, Ernesto sends Victoria home.

Bachelor Ben’s Turn

For the second part of the episode, we finally get to meet the third bachelor Ben Patton. Twitter was blowing UP with tweets about how hot girls think he is! Ben is a handsome 31yo CEO of a Texas hospital. He comes across as very elegant and a bit serious.

Again, we are introduced to 12 possible ladies. Each matchmaker has selected four women to meet Ben, he can choose to keep three.

Amber’s picks for Ben were the most interesting. She has Lynsee the model and Tarryn the jet sales exec…Ben keeps both. Then we meet Seneca, the attorney with an MBA who came up with a cute nickname for them: Beneca or Seneben. But now it gets super interesting…Kari is introduced. Ben immediately knows who she is by voice because they had a serious relationship a few years back and turns out she sort of broke his heart. But now she’s realized he’s the one that got away and she’s on the show. Poor Seneca. There was really no hope for her at this point. As Ben is saying goodbye, before even fully saying he’s chosen her, Kari dashes over to give him a big hug. I think if Seneca had gone before Lynsee or Tarryn, he would have chosen her.

Tracy’s choices include Angela-the-virgin and single mom Katie, Ben immediately chooses each of them. Renae is up next and she pulls her gown up over her head to reveal a sexier getup underneath. Then we meet Kristina who is from Columbia. Pretty sure the crowd’s reaction to Renae’s stunt is what did it for her and he sends Kristina packing.

Time for Matt’s girls. We meet Beth who is in medical sales (and kind of forgettable, oops!) who Ben picks. Then Rachel who has shown up in a hot pink unitard “superhero” costume. Pretty risky but she’s adorable and Ben picks her, too. Next is Jade who scares off Ben (and every available guy who ever watches this) with a save the date for their future WEDDING. Whoa. What was she thinking? It’s an absolute no-brainer that he chooses Allie, the darling twin-sister of Mandy (who met Ernesto).

We see the girls move into the house, nothing too interesting again. All of these girls must have learned from watching Rock of Love on what NOT to do when you move into the cast house! The girls meet up with Ben for their group date which is going on one of those godforsaken warrior-mud-horrific obstacle courses that are all the rage now (seriously, what is wrong with people?). After they all get down and dirty, he makes a point to chat up most of the girls. But while he’s talking to the monotone Robo-Virgin Angela, Kari shows us her cray-cray and stands there staring them down waiting to talk to him. When he finally gets over to her, she’s all worked up in a tizz and basically goes off on him about how he’s not showing his affection for her enough. Poor guy! He does his best to calm her down and they enjoy a lingering hug, perfect for the rest of the girls to see, huh?

The matchmakers ring him up and tell him to choose Rachel, Katie, and Tarryn for the individual dates. Ben sort of blows it with Katie focusing on her being a single mom and comparing her to his mom. As in, he told her he felt like he was on a date with his mom. Ewwwww. Hopefully Ben gets coached on that! When it’s Rachel’s turn, they seem to really connect and she is bold enough to go in for a kiss. It was sweet and I thought that definitely earned her some points. Last was Tarryn and Ben was SMIT-TEN. They definitely had some chemistry and a serious kissing sesh.

When we get back to the game show set, the girls are grilled by the matchmakers. Rachel admits to kissing Ben yet when Tarryn is questioned, she omits the fact that they kissed. Wonder if  the girls might find that shady and keeping mum on that will come back to bite her later? Kari is accused of manipulating that lengthy hug to make the other girls jealous. Giuliana has her close her eyes and asks the other girls to raise their hands if they thought Kari was scheming that hug. They ALL raised their hands but Miss Kari opened her eyes and peeped it. Really Kari? Then she got all petulant about it. She is a cute girl but definitely comes off as a brat. Tracy gets on Angela for being closed-off which she can only relate to her virginity. No, it’s about being open to connect emotionally! Hopefully Tracy can get through to her.

The matchmakers pick their bottom three: Angela, Rachel, and Kari. Ben is brought out and can save one of the girls. And he saves…Angela? Really Ben? That threw me for a loop. Off he goes into the pods with Kari and Rachel to the garden. I was nearly certain he was going to keep Rachel. But then she blurts out how she’s practically in love with him, can’t imagine leaving the show without him, and would be heartbroken. Wow. I guess she and Jade had strategized together on how best to scare a guy off? Ben pulls Kari aside for a quick convo and she actually keeps her cray-cray in check. When they return over to Rachel, Ben tells Rachel goodbye. A little shocked because I think Kari isn’t going to be his ultimate choice. Guess we’ll have to tune in next week to see if Kari can keep it together a little longer. My money is on her having a meltdown soon.


Tune in next Tuesday at 9pm for Episode 2! Follow me on Twitter at @clickkelsey to tweet with me live during the show!

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