Work with Me

Ready to ditch the heartache? Want to stop choosing the wrong partner? All in on FINALLY enjoying an amazing love life?

WOOHOO! You are in the right place!

But …it seems silly to hire a Dating & Relationship Coach, right?

Kelsey Foster Relationship CoachYou aren’t the first person to wonder that! Growing up reading fairy tales and watching Hollywood love via the movies, it seems like love should just magically “happen”. You will totally know it when you meet “The One” and everything will fall into place, right? You are not alone in expecting that…yet, most of us struggle with our relationships.

Think about how much time and effort you put into your education and your career. Now think about how much time and effort you’ve put into being ready for a fulfilling relationship. We don’t expect a great career to be handed to us without any preparation, so why do we expect that a wonderful love relationship will just happen?

People hire coaches for their careers, to get in shape, to lose weight, to get more organized…it makes sense to hire a coach to achieve a great relationship!

That is where I come in. I am your unbiased confidante who helps you be the best partner you can be.

The good news is that even if love feels like a far off dream, you are likely much closer to it than you think. Taking the step to even read this tells me that you value love and want to enjoy a great relationship.

I am currently creating a wait-list for new coaching clients. I will begin working with new clients in November 2013. To get started, shoot me an email!