Socially Single: A Guide to First Date Conversations - Kelsey Foster

Socially Single: A Guide to First Date Conversations

by Kelsey on March 9, 2013

I write a weekly column about dating and relationships for My Edmonds News (an affiliate of the Seattle Times). Here is my entry from March 7, 2103:

We all know that Edmonds has some of the best places to go on a date, from casual to romantic. Picking a great place for the date can certainly be easier than actually getting through said date. Oh, the wonderful possibilities…and the possible horror stories! Here is a guide to navigating those nerve-wracking first date conversations with greater ease.

For Starters
Remember this is a date not a job interview! It’s natural to ask questions but you don’t want your date to feel put on the spot either. Ideally, ask questions that spark a conversation. Rather than asking “what is your favorite color?” or “how many siblings do you have?” ask open-ended questions that allow the person to really showcase their personality. “Tell me about your family” or “What was your favorite vacation?” are questions that give you the chance to learn a lot more about a person.

On the flip side, don’t feel like you need to tell this person EVERYTHING about you or every detail about a particular story. Save some of your anecdotes future dates. If you know…READ THE FULL STORY

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