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Socially Single: To Friend or not to Friend

by Kelsey on February 12, 2013

friendrequestFacebook, while fun and part of many of our daily lives, presents new communications pitfalls for nearly everyone. For single people, it adds another level of complexity. Before you accept that friend request from someone you are dating (or want to date), consider the following. Friending that person potentially gives them a high level of access and information about your daily life. Who you talk to, where you spend time, events you attend (and sometimes with whom), photos of bad hairdos from high school…the list goes on.


Yes, there are privacy controls and settings that allow you to limit the information shared to your friends…which will be a future post. However, for now, take heart that the decision to friend, or NOT friend, someone is entirely yours. My advice is to consider your stance before it could get tricky. It is absolutely acceptable to create a personal policy of NOT accepting Facebook friend requests from people you date or are just getting to know. Explain, ideally up front, that you keep your profile limited to friends and family…basically people you know well. So you keep your dating connections off Facebook unless/until someone you date develops into a more exclusive relationship. That is a perfectly reasonable policy. On the flip side, your style could be one of openness and inclusion. Go ahead and accept that friend request from the hottie you met for coffee last week. Adding them to your Facebook profile gives you another way to communicate and get to know one another. It adds another dimension to the connection.

Bottom line…the choice to friend (or not), is totally yours!

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